We treat adults and children

SPRAVNO Clinic brings together a team of doctors of various specialties who have mastered all methods for chronic pain diagnosis and treatment.

We act coherently and clearly, in accordance with world standards and protocols of pain treatment, which are recognized by international medical communities.

At SPRAVNO clinic, we treat chronic pain and help restore the quality of life. We join forces to help patients in the most difficult cases.

We treat all types of chronic pain
  • Migraine and other types of headaches;
  • Facial pain;
  • Pain in the neck, including pain spreading to the occipital region, shoulder blade, shoulder or arm;
  • Pain in the shoulder, arm;
  • Chest pain, including post-herpetic pain;
  • Pain in the back (lower back), including pain spreading to the buttocks and legs; (for patients with a history of intervertebral disc disease; degeneration or arthrosis of intervertebral facet joints; hernia of intervertebral discs that does not require surgery; stenosis of the spinal canal);
  • Pain in hip and knee joints;
  • Chronic pelvic pain;
  • Muscle pain of various localization;
  • Pain after injuries and operations, including spinal surgeries;
  • Complex regional pain syndrome.

Instead of long doctor’s visits and “collecting” different, sometimes very contradictory opinions, you should come to SPRAVNO – a clinic that can really help you overcome chronic pain!

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