Treatment of headache

Myths and stereotypes about headache
Лікування головного болю
Modern pain medicine about headache
  • Do not tolerate headaches!
  • Uncontrolled constant use of painkillers aggravates the situation and turns the headache into a chronic problem.
  • A solution that works for you is within reach!
The most common types of long-lasting and severe headache
  • Migraine;
  • Tension headache;
  • Trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, including cluster headache;
  • Headache due to excessive use of medication;
  • Consequences of brain injuries and diseases.

Different types of headache need to be treated, and can be cured, by choosing an effective method or set of methods that are right for you!

Principles of headache treatment at SPRAVNO clinic
  • A team of doctors will develop an individual solution together (an algologist, a neurologist, an anesthesiologist (if an intervention is needed), and a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician);
  • We start treatment with simpler methods, use their potential to the fullest, and if necessary, gradually add more complex ones;
  • We use only methods with proven effectiveness, approved by the international medical community;
  • We develop an individual comprehensive strategy for each patient so as to avoid headaches in the future to the extent possible.
Injections of botulinum toxin preparations (botulinum therapy)
Monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of migraine
Life without headaches does exist with SPRAVNO.
It involves less fear, irritation, and tension. More confidence, joy, energy, and plans for the future. You truly deserve such a life! Turn to the team at the SPRAVNO clinic, and together we will choose the best path to a pain-free life that’s right for you!
Vadym Biloshytsky
Neurosurgeon, algologist
32 years of experience
Maryna Biloshytska
Neurologist, algologist
6 years of experience
Inna Buvailo
Neurologist, algologist
23 years of experience

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