Treatment of back and neck pain

Myths and stereotypes about back and neck pain
Modern medicine about back and neck pain
  • Thanks to modern methods, chronic back and neck pain can be effectively treated.
  • Turn to a team of expert doctors who act in coordination, have all the necessary competencies and achieve better results as a team than individual specialists.
  • Effective treatment of chronic pain calls for an individual strategy, taking into account many personal factors and the patient’s wishes.
The most common causes of back and neck pain
  • Age-related changes in the musculoskeletal system;
  • Long periods of sedentary lifestyle;
  • Consequences of injuries and past diseases;
  • Incorrect stereotyped movements and positions of the body in daily activities;
  • Congenital anatomical features.

An individual treatment program for back and neck pain will help you get rid of pain of various origins.

Principles of back and neck pain treatment at SPRAVNO Clinic
  1. We use methods that allow the patient to feel relief as soon as possible;
  2. We develop comprehensive strategies to modify the patients’ lifestyle, which minimise the risk of chronic pain recurrence;
  3. We start treatment with simpler methods, use their potential to the fullest, and if necessary, gradually add more complex and high-tech ones;
  4. We use only methods with proven effectiveness, approved by the international medical community and world associations of pain medicine.
Injections of botulinum toxin preparations (botulinum therapy)
Monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of migraine
  • Moving without pain and fear, feeling strong and energetic is real with SPRAVNO!
  • The SPRAVNO team will join forces to help you overcome pain and understand your body’s needs and how to meet them.

Contact the SPRAVNO team, and together we will choose the best path to a pain-free life just for you!

Our doctors
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Neurosurgeon, algologist
32 years of experience
Maryna Biloshytska
Neurologist, algologist
6 years of experience
Inna Buvailo
Neurologist, algologist
23 years of experience

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