Chronic pain drains the patient out, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, global standards require that multidisciplinary pain management programs should include psychological assistance.

The right choice of psychotherapy helps the patient overcome the following problems:
  • Get rid of misconceptions about the nature of their pain, which can interfere with treatment;
  • Believe in recovery and feel like an active participant in the treatment process;
  • Change social behaviour and established daily habits that can provoke pain attacks or increase pain intensity;
  • Reduce the use of painkillers;
  • Get rid of fear and increase the scope of daily activity.
Advantages of psychotherapy at SPRAVNO Clinic:
  • Evidence-based approaches and treatment according to international protocols;
  • Individual solutions and treatment strategies;
  • A comprehensive view of the problem, coordinated with doctors of other specialties;
  • Accurate diagnosis;
  • Modern, effective methods of managing acute and chronic pain, as well as other neurological diseases.
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