Physical therapy and rehabilitation

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Physical therapy and rehabilitation are integral to comprehensive pain management.

Rehabilitation means restoration of lost body functions with the help of properly selected methods. Modern physical therapy methods help the patient restore the capacity for work lost as a result of injuries, illnesses or surgeries.

What is physical rehabilitation like for patients at SPRAVNO Pain Medicine Center?
  1. Initial consultation of a rehabilitation physician:
    • examination with manual muscle testing;
    • development of an individual therapy and lifestyle modification plan.
  2. Patient support:
    • monitoring of results during visits;
    • adjusting the therapy program, if necessary;
    • assessment of rehabilitation effectiveness and coordination of further steps to achieve a sustainable effect.
The benefits of physical therapy and rehabilitation at SPRAVNO Pain Medicine Center
  • Rehabilitation specialists and physical therapists at SPRAVNO are part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors specialising in pain management. All of the team actions are consistent and coordinated;
  • Modern rehabilitation equipment and evidence-based methods with effectiveness proven by global practices;
  • Individual approach to each patient, taking into account the modern trends in global rehabilitation and physical therapy.
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Vadym Biloshytsky
Neurosurgeon, algologist
32 years of experience

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